Our Core Values

Our Core Values

1. We believe in managing the Studyville openly and transparently, respecting the dignity of the residents at the same time as we seek their cooperation and understanding.

3. We believe in fostering an atmosphere of mutual respect and commitment among all members of our community (directors, managers, staff and residents) whereby all persons are seen as having an important role to play towards the success of the Studyville.

5. We believe in an organizational culture of continuous progress that creates a constant search for improvement in all aspects of life and service to others.

2. We believe that our strength and major resource is the contribution that can be made by the residents themselves and that our relationship with them is the cornerstone of our endeavour.

4. We believe in the importance of self-discipline as a means of individual and communal progress without which no meaningful personal or social life occurs.

6. We believe in being a good corporate citizen and practicing pro-active good neighbourliness with our neighbours whoever they may be.

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