Euclid try Grayfia’s more youthful sister as well as Rizevim’s right hand son

Euclid try Grayfia’s more youthful sister as well as Rizevim’s right hand son

Issei and you may Euclid’s relationships was instantaneously aggressive, once the latter accounts for trying to abduct the original seasons members of the newest Occult Browse pub and you may sending multiple wizards so you’re able to attack them lastly also assisting on revival away from the newest Worst Dragons.

Additionally, a small after, each other Issei and you will Ddraig build an individual grudge facing Euclid to have doing a reproduction of one’s Increased Tools about stays from Issei’s earlier in the day system and sacrificing new souls out of famous dragons, a work actually Vali seems to be appalled of the. During their strive during the Regularity 16, Euclid was able to overpower Issei’s Cardinal Deep red Campaign with his individual Scale Mail armor with its typical Equilibrium Breaker county, this can be stated to get because Euclid’s natural fuel is similar so you’re able to good Satan’s also without the armour. Issei was able to turn new tables on the Euclid simply shortly after playing with their newly awakened strength and extra theories that Euclid is watching your in order to discover how to use a lot more of their process.

Cao Cao

Cao Cao and Issei start with an in the beginning intense relationships due to the previous getting a leader in Khaos Brigade and you will to own abducting Yasaka. Cao Cao and defeated Issei very without difficulty throughout their resulting battle and you may triggered him so you can awaken his Unlawful Flow Triaina element. Following the the conflict Issei did manage to deprive Cao Cao of one attention, that will eventually end up being replaced because of the an eye out of Medusa. Issei’s hate off your try furthered when he episodes him and their family, afterwards when deciding to take Ophis’ fuel regarding her. Cao Cao themselves, yet not, seems to hold Issei inside pretty high value throughout their later confrontations, especially just after Issei yields in the deceased, which actually manages to create Cao Cao trust they can just become a real beast as he came back with Great Yellow and therefore centered on Cao Cao cannot be named fortune. Issei’s prior to injuring regarding Cao Cao’s vision continued to be an effective factor in its latest battle, since the Issei was able to use Samael’s poison on his Medusa’s eyes and bring about him near deadly quantities of problems.

In Frequency 18, he’s got seen don’t have any antagonistic relationships and you can help each other and assured that someday they are going to struggle just after and accept the fresh get between them, appearing that have become more such as for example competitors than opponents.

In the serious hyperlink Real Volume step 3, both converse within the Kyoto on the Cao Cao’s strategies and you can reasons since Cao Cao shows guilt getting his earlier in the day indicates because of since one another supernatural beings including live in tranquility and have now existence of one’s own, in contrast to his previous need to drive away this new supernatural which is the challenger regarding individuals. Shortly after Issei states one to Cao Cao having the ability to protect other people as a result of the electricity regarding his True Longinus is unbelievable, Cao Cao states that him and you will Siegfried may have chose an effective other street got they fulfill Issei earlier. Cao Cao asks Issei in the event that he is able to feel Issei’s buddy which he believes, to help you Cao Cao’s pleasure as the a couple strengthened the companionship before the fight with Erebus.


For example Azazel, Issei seems to detests Hades since he found him when you look at the the start. He detests him understanding the simple fact that Hades despises Devils and you may Fallen Angels and for secretly improving the Khaos Brigade regarding about the moments.

His hatred against him improved just after their Grim Reapers attacked Koneko, Kuroka and his mothers, claiming he’s going to perhaps not hesitate to defeat your with his partners if they always end in difficulties.