About Us

The Studyville

KAFOCA and Mukuru came together to form the KAFOCA Mukuru Studyville, a company limited by guarantee and incorporated under the Companies Act (Cap 486) on the 7th March 2007, with the aim of providing affordable and dignified residential accommodation for young men and women studying at universities in Kenya.

In pursuit of its goals, KAFOCA Mukuru Studyville presently operates a complex of University Halls of Residence that accommodate just over 500 University students (undergraduate and postgraduate). The Studyville is currently in its first phase of development, with three more phases planned for the future.

The Halls of the Studyville, which opened in February 2008, are designed to provide a comfortable sociable environment conducive to rest and study. The students can relax, play games, relate with the rest of the students and study in a friendly secure atmosphere.


To provide quality residential accommodation for university students in Kenya


To seek to provide high-quality residential accommodation for students from public and private universities in Kenya in an atmosphere of trust, mutual cooperation and care, by nurturing their academic and personal growth and helping them to acquire self-discipline and achieve self-fulfillment.

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