Welcome to DEFOCA Mukuru Studyville. A serene and conducive Hostel suitable for both Undergraduate and Postgraduate students. Come enjoy our Modern Facilities and quality services

We have reliable and qualified catering services offering a balanced diet and variety of meals to suit the majority of the students’ tastes. The dining hall is fully equipped with modern equipment and utensils.

The Studyville is appropriately located off Langata for easy access from and to the university. The area is secure with guards patrolling the area day and night, and has a stone perimeter wall that fully encloses the compound. Studyville operates a strict visitor policy that ensures us that unwanted guests do not gain access.

Our Services

The residential accommodation of the Studyville comprises three separate Halls of Residence: the Men’s Hall, the Women’s Hall and the Post-graduate Hall.

The Men’s and Women’s Halls, each with a total of 218 beds, are designed as shared undergraduate accommodation, while the Post-Graduate Hall has a total of 64 single individual rooms.

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Our Facilities

facility The Halls are all equipped with many facilities that are directed to benefit the residents.

1. Recreation and Games
2. Internet Services

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KAFOCA-Mukuru Studyville is a premier hall’s of residence for University Residents within the Capital city Nairobi. At present, approximately 500 Residents reside in its Halls of residence. General rules and regulation governing Halls of residence administration are outlined and discussed in this booklet for uniform and Transparent handling of the various issues related with the Halls of residence.

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Who Are Our Clients!

Our clients are the young men and women who are studying in the universities of Kenya.

We seek to serve them by enhancing their student experience and making it possible for them to meet and interact with their fellow students.

Indirectly we serve their families by giving their daughters and sons a secure dignified place to live while they prepare themselves for professional life.

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